INN : 7017220470

KPP: 701701001

OGRN :1087017023279

OKPO : 85261268


634021, Tomsk, prospekt Frunze, 111, Russian Federation,


OOO Bakcharneftegaz Refinery offers oil and gas exploration services. The company is based in Tomsk region, Russian Federation.

OOO Bakcharneftegaz Refinery holding company, engages in oilfields acquisition, oil exploration and production, and oil refining and marketing.

OOO Bakcharneftegaz Refinery engages in oil and gas prospecting, and developing oil fields in the Russian Federation. It extracts minerals and other mineral resources, and energy carriers. The company supplies oil to various companies in Germany. It owns oil-producing complexes, oil refineries, and gas processing plants.

OOO Bakcharneftegaz Refinery owns and operates four fields in both Tomsk and Barents Sea and engages in geologic exploration and development of oil and gas fields

OOO Bakcharneftegaz Refinery produces and markets crude and refined oil, natural gas, motor and aviation fuel, and petroleum products to wholesale, retail, and export markets. It also provides crude and refined petroleum products, such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, motor oils, bitumen, and other petroleum products; and diesel gas, aviation kerosene, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum, and baseoil.

OOO Bakcharneftegaz Refinery engages in fuel option oil refining. The company produces various petroleum products and petrochemicals, such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, fuel oils, bitumen’s, and solvents for varnish and paint etc. It also produces crude oil and natural gas; and lubricants. In addition, the company maintains an active presence in natural gas/crude oil fixed for floating swaps, basis, options, and other pricing benchmarks. It serves Russian and international markets.